Master's Degree in Education in Teaching and Learning 

Northern State University offers a Master of Science in Education in Teaching Learning at Huron Community Campus at a discounted tuition rate. The degree consists of 33 credits including courses in School Culture and Change, Teaching and Learning using Digital Technology, and Psychology of Learning.

The Huron Master’s Cohort offers face-to-face courses that foster community and networking among its participants. In an age when so many programs are only online, this cohort is a unique opportunity to learn in the classroom along with other educators. Courses meet face-to-face five weekends throughout a semester at the Huron Community Campus. The program is an affordable and highly enriching experience. 

The cost of the program is $150 per credit hour, a total of $4,950 over the length of the program. The same classes typically cost over $470 per credit hour through Northern and other South Dakota public universities, and much more at private universities. Through financial support from Huron area foundations, Northern State University’s Huron program offers savings of over $10,000 on tuition. This program is also federal financial aid eligible for those who qualify. 

The Nordby Family Foundation is the major sponsor, and this program is offered with their support and leadership. Other organizations that help make this program possible include the Huron University Foundation and the Huron Community Foundation. For more information contact Huron Community Campus.