Rental Rates

Rent Office Space

Office Space is available for rent at Huron Community Campus/Fine Arts Center. Individual offices are now available for rent at $250 per month. All utilities are included in the rental price. Please contact us if you are Interested.

Rent the Fine Arts Auditorium & Individual Classrooms

Reservations can be made by contacting HCC. Available space is limited.

For Profit

Conference RoomClassroomTheatre
Hourly Rate$10   $30$53.33
3 Hour Rate$25$75$133.33
Daily Rate    $50$125$200
Weekly Rate    $175$400$600


Conference RoomClassroomTheatre
Hourly Rate$7.50$22.50$40
3 Hour Rate$18.75$56.25$100
Daily Rate$37.50$93.75$150
Weekly Rate$131.25$300$450