Recycling Program

Effective Immediately - All plastic bags including film plastic grocery bags are no longer accepted. Do not place these in your recycle bin.

The City of Huron implemented curbside collection of comingled recyclables in July 2013. A separate recyclable container (blue with a yellow lid) has been issued to households that participate. To sign up for a recycling container, please contact the Solid Waste Department at 605-353-8542 or email the Recycling Department.

The recycling containers will be picked up by the city each week on the same day that garbage is collected in that neighborhood. Because the containers and recyclables are light and susceptible to being blown over in the wind, the city asks that containers not be set out for collection unless they are at least one-third full. The city asks that the containers be stored away from the normal collection point so that the city does not tip an empty container. Remember that when containers are set out for collection, they need to be at least three feet away from each other and three feet away from any other objects (garage, fence, vehicle, etc.) so that the collection arm on the collection vehicle has room to safely operate.

What Can Be Placed in the Recycling Container

The following clean and dry materials are comingled in the recycling container: all clean and dry paper including telephone and paperback books, newspapers, magazines, office paper, flyers, and junk mail; corrugated and flat cardboard (like cereal, tissue, dry food, and detergent boxes); all clean and dry plastic containers (like soda, juice, cleaning detergent, shampoo, and lotion bottles, milk jugs, margarine, and yogurt tubs) that are marked with the recycling triangle; any plastic lid from a recyclable plastic container - please remove the lids from the containers; all clean aluminum, tin, metal and bi-metal cans and containers; and all clean aluminum foil and clean aluminum foil pans.

The Recycling Guide (PDF) provides more information about Huron's comingled household recyclable collection program.