Solid Waste


Day(s) OpenTimes Open
Monday through Friday8 am to 3:45 pm
Saturday9 am to 1 pm

Note: The transfer station is closed Sundays and holidays. The gates are closed at times indicated, sharp - there is no admittance after the gates are closed. If you are hauling a load of solid waste to the facility, please allow yourself plenty of time to get in and unload before closing time.  If there is snow accumulation of 6 inches or more, the Rubble Site will be closed for the day. 

Rules & Guidelines

Please observe the following rules and guidelines when hauling solid waste materials to the facility:

Load Requirements

All loads must be secured! Loads that contain loose material that may blow out must be tarped and tied. Loads of branches need to be tied to prevent branches from falling out, and trees must be loaded so that they do not drag on the road. Loads must be within the bounds of the trailer or vehicle and arranged so that the endgate can be installed. All unsecured loads are subject to a $25.00 maintenance fee plus the normal dump fee.


All loads brought to the transfer station are subject to inspections to screen out prohibited materials. Individuals who bring in prohibited materials are subject to fines and penalties. Individuals bringing solid waste to the landfill must identify the type of materials on the load. Haulers are encouraged to bring in only one type of material at a time. Mixed loads must be separated by the hauler for disposal in the proper areas. Haulers who cross-contaminate the separate disposal areas are subject to fines, penalties, and / or being banned from future use of the landfill site.

Free Access to Rubble Site

Each resident will receive one free load per month to the Rubble Site. Residents must present their "Current Month Water Utility Bill" upon entrance of the site. This free load is for the occupant(s) of the address on the water utility bill and must be presented with ID to the scale attendant at the time you enter the rubble site. The ID must have the same address as the water utility bill in order to be valid. The free access is good any day during the month the bill is due for 1 free load. The free access will include trees, rubble, and metal without freon compressors. Items not included are tires, freon compressors, entire buildings, household garbage, microwaves, televisions, computer monitors, and any other items as required by state law. Failure to present the water utility bill upon entering the rubble site will result in a charge for your load. This is for residential customers only and not intended for business use which includes rental property owners who pay the utilities for the renter.

Compost Purchase

The City of Huron uses yard waste such as trees, grass, branches, and manure along with bio-degradable oils from LSI to create some of the best organic soil amendment you can buy. It is called Great Plains Classic Compost and you can purchase it at the city’s Rubble Site, 1901 9th Street SE.

Great Plains Classic Compost (PDF)